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MB training

55 min run in Richmond at 159bpm

MB training

WE: lots of walking in SF.
Today: 1 hour "hill" run at the gym.

Mont blanc training ….

20 min. run this am, plus weight training: pyramid level 5. Only ! (Gauthier will understand….)

MB training …

Cool run this am. 35 minutes @ 162 hb.

Training Mont blanc

Another 55min running. 167hb average. Getting better, but still feel a long way from being in appropriate shape.

Training - Mont Blanc

2 hours bicycle today in Richmond park. Still fell like shit.

Mont blanc

I am supposed to be fit enough to climb Mont blanc on June 24th …. Started today the training, and realised I am not at all in shape. So let’s track progress until the due date. today: ran 55 min @ 175 hb average. Feel like shit.