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Guns in Hamburg

Extract from Thomas Mueller’s great gallery of Hamburg street art.
via Wooster Collective.

Dr. D

The new web site of Dr. D is live and worth a visit (image extracted from the gallery).
via Wooster Collective.

Banksy in the west bank

The Guardian is reporting on Banksy’s trip to the occupied territories.
A statement from Banksy: "The Israeli government is building a wall surrounding the occupied Palestinian territories. It stands three times the height of the Berlin Wall and will eventually run for over 700km - the distance from London to Zurich. The wall is […]

Banksy hits Brighton again

via Martin via Wooster Collective

Counter Strike meets Banksy

More here.
via cinnamon boobies


Banksy has a new one on the M4. Or at least I just discover it today. (Took the picture from his website).

New Banksy book

Cut it out the new pocketbook of scribbling by Banksy is planned to be released on December 12th.
Update: Jonny Baker has a great extract.

Girlie men seen On The Streets Of Berlin

Seen on Wooster Collective : A Celebration of Street Art