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Top-Earning Fictional Characters

On Forbes: "According to our calculations, the top-ten fictional characters grossed more than $25 billion in 2003." Mickey, Winnie, Nemo and the like are big money.

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Good story (even if a bit long): Confessions of a Car Salesman
"I took Ron to the lowest level sedan on the lot and he examined the sticker price. We had been told in the seminar that it was "easier to sell up, than down" — you started at the least expensive model and let them […]

US funds for Iraq: they lost track of $5bn…

About half of the roughly $5 billion in Iraq reconstruction funds disbursed by the US government in the first half of this year cannot be accounted for, according to an audit commissioned by the United Nations, which could not find records for numerous rebuilding projects and other payments. Read about it on the Boston Globe.
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The French press is dying !

rMen has an interesting post (and links) on the French press crisis.

America’s debt …

Everyone - even on this side of the Atlantic - have their eyes on the US election. In the background though the economic picture is not pretty and none of the candidates appear to be speaking about the debt problems the USA are into. Picture below from USA Today (article can be found here) summarizes […]