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eBay buys Skype

The press release is here, and the latest of the comments on Google news. Quite an expensive move: $2.6bn minimum up to $4.1bn if some objectives are met by 2008.

Google Talk !

Google Talk is live !
(Early review/comments: BBC, BBC again, Jeff Pulver)
At the same, time James Enck reports on Skype minutes of use being flat or even slightly down.
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Skype phone

Well things are going further fast: after launching few days ago Skype Zone, Skype is announcing a Skype WiFi phone.

Skype video

Skype’s video had its first live public test… and passed on skype blog. Looking forward to have this live, hopefully it will not be another paid-for add-on.
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Google VoIP ?

The rumour is all over the place including in the Times: Google gears up for a free-phone challenge to BT. This would be a good mix with their local product: yellow pages with the ability to call the company.

Voice messaging

Stuart Henshall is beta testing Skype voice messaging feature, and has an interesting post on voice messaging. It is all about sending a voice message without ringing the other person’s Skype client, and this is a major difference to the standard telephone.

Economist on VoIP

"Who will be the biggest losers? Not the fixed-line telcos, even though their revenues may fall by 25% by 2010 due to VOIP, according to Mr Mewawalla. The mobile operators are likely to be the big losers, with their revenues plunging by 80%. Together, VOIP and wireless broadband could fatally undermine their costly third-generation (3G) […]

Osney Media VoIP summary

Useful summary of the conference by James Enck of Daiwa Securities. Especially as I was not able to attend. To key VoIP questions, James says “as an outsider, I was struck by the apparent lack of any real answers among the very bright and hugely experienced audience assembled. That’s not a criticism by any means, […]

Sources of information on VoIP

Jeff Pulver, which has prooved himself as a leading source of information on VoIP, published a list of the best blogs and news stories sites on the topic. Link.

Skype …

I have been using skype for less than one month now, and I have been more than impressed, evne if the quality of the line in a call to mobile/landlines is sometimes not that good.
Some key Skype stats (based on their web site and an Engadget interview with Niklass Zennstrom, founder of Skype VOIP […]