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Economist on VoIP

"Who will be the biggest losers? Not the fixed-line telcos, even though their revenues may fall by 25% by 2010 due to VOIP, according to Mr Mewawalla. The mobile operators are likely to be the big losers, with their revenues plunging by 80%. Together, VOIP and wireless broadband could fatally undermine their costly third-generation (3G) […]

VoIP - BT intends to go ahead with mobile solution

While most of the active players follow the VoIP from home/work trend, BT is indending to launch a mobile service.
"By the end of next year [BT group] hopes to offer a mobile phone incorporating
wi-fi, which will enable customers to make voice calls over the
internet via one of 17,000 of the telecommunications operator’s global
hotspots at […]

What next on Search

Interesting post from Jerry Yang (Jerry’s Take On What’s Next in Search) on what’s new in search and where the industry is heading. Interesting to see that Yahoo has realised that high quality, localised information is still hard to get on the mobile and developped Yahoo! mobile around that proposition. Good read on the same […]

wireless is hot !

Wireless is one of the hottest market when it comes to technology mergers and acquisitions, according to Rutberg & Co. And it is likely to remain that way for sometime, they predict.
"During the one month period from September 1 through September 30, there were also 37 M&A transactions announced during the period, including Alcatel’s $250 […]

iPod Advertises on 3G Mobile Video Service

Via Moconews. In UK, 3G mobile operator 3 is running its first ever mobile video ad campaign, for the Apple iPod…The 14-second iPod ad, featuring the silhouetted dancers from the brand’s central campaign, appears before and after the Pete Tong show on the 3 music channel. The future of 3G advertising will enable consumers both […]

Robbie on MMC

EMI Music UK has agreed a deal with The Carphone Warehouse which will make Robbie Williams the first artist ever to release an entire album plus video content on a Multimedia Memory Card (MMC) - a tiny stamp size gizmo that slots straight into a mobile phone to deliver music on the move. Some details […]

WiFi Blackberry announced

RIM has announced it Monday: Wi-Fi Blackberry, which support VOIP through SIP. This is going to be an interesting device. Not sure how mobile operators are going to be convinced they should distribute it, when this is going to hurt their voice revenue.

SIM Cards with memory, brilliant!

SIM cards have been shipping with miniscule amount of memory, enough to hold a few hundred contacts, calendar and couple of games. Israel-based M-Systems wants to change all that and is introducing something called, the M-Systems MegaSIM. The new card, a first for the cellular industry will combine high capacity flash-based storage, with densities reaching […]

Mobile jammers gain popularity

The jarring polychromatic din of ringing cell phones is increasingly being thwarted from religious sanctuaries to India’s parliament to Tokyo theaters and commuter trains by devices originally developed to help security forces avert eavesdropping and thwart phone-triggered bombings, reports the Associated Press.
— In four Monterrey churches, Israeli-made cell phone jammers the […]

Internet browsers…

While Firefox is pushing on the PC side (4.3mn downloads so far), Opera claims it’s leading on the mobile platforms ( "We’re beating Microsoft by a 10 to 1 margin in [cell] phones", says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of the Norwegian browser maker in BusinessWeek). Add to this the rumours of Google’s own browser… : […]

Funny location based application

“With inspiration and data from Mike Frumin and, red|blue transposes the experience of looking up individual campaign contributions onto a Java-enabled phone. With a GPS-enabled phone, the application will take your current location and figure out if you’re in a Democratic area or Republican area. The app will also take this information and plot […]