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Just installed a cool WP plugin (found here) that enable people to receive an email alert when comments are left on a post after their own. Something for my two readers…

Wordpress 2 is out !

All details are on their site of course. Great new features but still not everybody want to upgrade straight away and I for one  am amongst those that prefer to wait and postpone the upgrade headaches.

Changing theme again

The previous one was not compatible with IE (and stef didn’t like it !). So Moving to K2, the sequel in spirit to Kubrick. Developed by Michael Heilemann with help from Chris J. Davis. Intend to do some customization, so work in progress so far…
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WP Tiger Administration

Useful plugin which improve the WP admin interface. Just installed it, and it is great.

New theme !

Testing White as Milk Theme designed by Azeem Azeez
(found on The WordPress 1.5 Themes Competition Blog)

Sorting categories

By default, categories in Wordpress are not sorted alphabetically, but in the order they have been created. The way, to fix it is to modify the template and replace the < ?php wp_list_cats(); ?> by _list_cats("sort_column=name"); ?>.