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Helene’s prefered video …

How do you post a youtube video on wordpress blog?

After failing to make any plugin work properly, I realise it is very easy and with no plugin required: simply use the following code (replacing the “[]” by “<>“) and turn off the rich-text-editor option on my user profile page (at the bottom):

[embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”425″ height=”350″][/embed]

MSTRKRFT remixes

MSTRKRFT would be my group of the year 2006. I will not comment here on the quality of their album, the video for easy love, but rather speak about their remixes. Just saw there is the complete (?) list on their myspace and I have been downloading and listening them throughout the day on the hypemachine - excellent. Looking forward for those two to visit London.

Vile bodies by Waught

The new year is starting once again and a resolution is to get to read a bit more - which means a lot more anyway, as I am barely reading those days, and there are plenty of books to read out there - I am having lists I have put over the years with tons of them around and I need to catch up badly. This is easy for now as we are on holidays and I have plenty of time, but let’s see if I can sustain the rythm duirng the next few months.

I started in reading during the last few days Ces Corps Vils (Vile Bodies) from Evelyn Waugh. Excellent start I must say after this year - the book is a (dark) satire of the decadent young London upper society in the 1930s. Much better than Fitzgerald. While some might say that this type of society died with the second world war, I found the book very relevant to todays life - some of the characters could be Paris Hilton or similar celebrities, and some of the scenes could very much be alive tonight in Moscow or Paris…


Went to see the NYPV at popscene yesterday - very good performance! Been listening to ice cream for numerous months now, including the amazing mixes around (DJ Mehdi / Van She), and they are now fully mainstream as the song is now the music of the last Intel ad. Most likely going to have on them the same impact as the Vodafone ad had on the Dandy Warhols. Few pictures of the concert are already on flickr.

Music this week

> Guttersnipe live at Mix in Moscow in Dec 2005 (direct link to file - 90mb)

> Comite central - Mix mort aux jeunes

Musical discovery of the week


MSTRKRFT ! Listening a lot to their album - the looks - as well as the single below (courtesy of
MSTRKRFT - Community revolution in progress (YSI)

MSTRKRFT - Community revolution in progress (zShare)

Kitsune volume 3

filter 27 has the tracklist and the release date: dec. 2nd. Looking forward to it !

Kitsune party


Awaiting the Compilation Maison 3 (which I hope would be as good as the previous opus), G and I went to the Kitsune monthly party at leparisparis Friday. Excellent music, cool club but unfortunately a large part of the attendance was fresh out of highschool. We then try to go to Le Baron, but that is another story …

Rebels drive Bentley

That’s a real ad.


Read more here.

Next gen search


Gorgeously slick and amusing: Ms. Dewey.

The new Google Reader rocks

This is surely out there for days… anyway just come across it today. Google Reader has ben upgraded. I didn’t like the old user interface, and used bloglines, but the new one is great - I am switching !


Returned to Istanbul for one day. Great and fascinating city. the only low down is that is that - as a visitor/tourist - there is always someone trying to get money out of you…

One example: on the taxi from the airport to the hotel. Arrived at the hotel, the meter says 27 and I say to the driver to make it 30 and give him a 50 bill. He agev me back ten. I told him he made a mistake, and ask him for a receipt for 30 and the missign 10. He smiles, say “no problem”, and after some time, gave me a receipt for 50. Without saying anything, he was offering to split the additional amount 50/50 (10 for him, 10 for me, as he understood i was claiming the amount as expenses). I hate this kind of shit whyen people try to force you one way…

Picture: view from the Hilton Conrad roof terrasse.